Science journalism

As an academic neuroscientist, Loren published several articles on neuroscience and memory. Loren also has experience editing scientific manuscripts, grants, and abstracts and has worked as a freelance editor for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, BioScience Editing Solutions, Dissertation Editor, and Crimson Interactive. Please see her academic publications.

Loren has written articles on science and medicine for Scientific American, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, and others. Please see sample clips below:

"When Legal Drugs Harm and Illegal Drugs Help," Scientific American

"Getting Precise about Precision Medicine in Parkinson's," The Michael J. Fox Foundation

"Could MAO-B Inhibitors Slow Parkinson's Disease Progression?" The Michael J. Fox Foundation

"Trial to Address Parkinson's Disease Dementia Recruiting Participants," The Michael J. Fox Foundation

"Work-life Balance in Medicine with a Side Gig," Medical News Today

"Weight, Social Ties and Other Factors That Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer Relapse," Sharecare

"Does High Blood Pressure Increase Dementia Risk for Women?" Sharecare

"How to Manage Your Allergic Asthma," Sharecare

"Howard Eichenbaum, PhD -- Superhero in a Sweater Vest," Neuroscience News

"Timing Is Everything -- How Your Brain Stores Memories," Know Science

Loren also has extensive experience and interest in writing about medical cannabis research:

"Research Review: Does Cannabis Kill Leukemia Cells?" Ganjapreneur

"Medical Cannabis and Cancer: Do You Know the Whole Story?" Ganjapreneur

“Integrating Medical Cannabis into Addiction Treatment,” Terpenes & Testing Magazine

“The Future of Cannabis Genetics,” Terpenes & Testing Magazine

“Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder with CBD,” The Weed Blog

“Can CBD “Normalize” People at High Risk of Psychosis?” CBD Health and Wellness

“How Does CBD Tackle Inflammation in the Body?” CBD Health and Wellness

"What is the Endocannabinoid System?" Labroots

“Common Misconceptions of Medical Cannabis,” Labroots

Additional writing samples are available on my blog page